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Seamless Basic

Seamless Basic was founded in 2018 by Trine Carlsen.

Trine have worked with production of clothes for many years, and 2018 was exactly the time for her to make her own brand, Seamless Basic.

She knew from the beginning, that she wanted to make high quality basic garments for you, who want to  wear delicate fabrics with the good intention of having them not just for a season but as timeless items complimenting your other clothes. Each style was created to be a favorite piece and all the fabrics are very carefully selected by her to fulfill the basic needs and purposes of your everyday wardrobe based on her own experiences of what she always seem to be missing, when she get dressed - and then of course the good feeling of wearing something pure and soft on the body.

A big part of the concept is the timeless and simple design where the fabrics make all the difference and where most of the colours, styles and fabrics remain the same season after season. 

Trine really believe and hope that you will come to enjoy the comforts of wearing the Seamless Basic garments, whether you prefer the soft feeling and relaxed look of the cotton, the warming yet tempering effect of the Merino wool or the coolness and elegance of the silk. Maybe you will just love all of them for different occasions and purposes, just as she do.

We are all responsible when it comes down to the preservation and well being of our earth, and we all need to change our behaviours and patterns for the restoring of our eco-system. As individuals we can make a difference. We do not have to wait for the politicians to agree. Trine has also described how to care for your Seamless Basic products, while still protection the environment.

Remember, if we all try, it all adds up to something bigger with a positive impact.