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Laboratory Perfumes

Launched only back in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes have already earned a place on the shelves of several of London’s most prestigious fragrance retailers.

The scents appeal to both men and women and the range of colognes and candles are genderfree, in both their perfume and packaging.

The individual fragrances have been inspired by the British countryside and coastline.

But although their notes echo the great outdoors and are created using only natural oils, they adopt a scientific approach to their blending, hence the name, Laboratory Perfumes.

Each fragrance has been formulated with a character that reacts to the wearer and evolves, from its application in the morning, through to the evening. 

A complexity of recipe belied by the simplicity of the packaging.

The understated, clear glass bottles and candle beakers are made of borosilicate glass and so, in both material and design, evoke the traditional perfumier’s laboratory.